MatSu Democrats



The National Democratic Party is one of two major and around a dozen smaller political parties in the United States.  The party's members are voters nationwide that identify with  and support the  basic principles of the party.

Individual candidates, voters, and elected officials may all have different viewpoints on any given issue, but in modern times Democrats have always stood  for an  economy that  benefits all Americans as well as equality and civil rights.

The Democratic Party is organized into a national committee, a state committee in each state, and numerous regional  committees.

The Alaska Democratic Party (ADP} embodies the explicit and distinct ideals of Alaskans, as reflected in our State Party Platform. ADP has representation on the Democratic National Committee where we are on an equal footing with the other 49 states. The ADP has a long, proud history in Alaska that predates statehood. Today over 75,000 Alaskans are registered members of the Alaska Democratic  Party.

Mat Su Democrats is a regional organization sponsoring activities to strengthen the role of the Democratic Party within the boundaries of the Mat Su Borough, plus the communities of Peters Creek and Chugiak. Our members are served  by all of State House Districts 7- 12.
Our Bylaws  state that Mat Su Democrats strive to:

 Stimulate an active interest in  governmental affairs
 Promote involvement in the political process
 Enlist voters in the Democratic Party
 Ensure commitment to the Party's Platform and other issues  by Democratic Party candidates  and elected officials

 Advise the Democratic Party leadership of our  collective  concerns and desires.

About MatSu Democrats


  • Education
  • Equality
  • Economy and Jobs
  • Health Care
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Women's Rights
  • Retirement Security‚Äč