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Glacial Shifts & Queer Drifts: Adventures of a Progressive in the Mat-Su

I’m so mad. I grew up on a farm in the Texas Panhandle hunting with my 3 brothers, and to be honest we did so many STUPID things. The normal blowing up red ants with firecrackers, using old car hoods as sleds if we got a good snow, and rabbit hunting. Heck we may have stolen a few watermelons from our neighbors (they stole ours back!) Everyone had guns and gun racks and I was lethal as a door-to-door girl scout cookie seller. Not today baby. I just thought everyone had guns then… (side bar: 6% of the people in America have 95% of the guns. Now cheerleaders get shot for getting in the wrong car and 6 year olds for chasing balls and entire families for a request to please be quiet as it is late. Or just your average Saturday shopper at the mall. I am so mad. I have been sad, but now I am just MAD.

So what changed? We have always had crazy people as do other countries, but this is uniquely American. Even the Dem national rep in our state is afraid to talk about common sense gun safety. What changed is the number of guns and the type of those guns mixed with some nasty rhetoric. So we need to work on that. In my opinion. Fox News is utter bullshit. It has to be named Fox Entertainment as new is a verified joke from them. Yes you can have the right to free speech to say whatever you want. But you can’t lie to people and call it facts. You can NOT create an America that gets fed lies and fear daily so that people say “well you can’t really tell any more what to believe.” YES you CAN. But when we lost the wall between news and entertainment and the rules that governed that and money in politics we lost a lot. I hate rules. I sold those cookies by sticking my foot in people's doors and smiling real sweet… saying please. Not exactly the usual drill for kids selling cookies. Not following rules can sometimes bring success is my point. Republicans have taken that to whole new levels in the last decade (think judges). But without the rules on military style guns and who can get them, and without the rules on letting fake conspiracy theory wing nut lies be cloaked as facts on TV, or Twitter and TikTok et. al. we end up with bat shit crazy people armed to the teeth. Some rules are needed and for the good of all.

I love my brothers, but we don’t talk as much… since Trump and Faux News paired up.

And another thing is Dave Musgrave. No, I'm not mad at Dave. If anything I am mad I waited so long to get to know him better! The man is a wonder. Have you seen the MatSu Dems Website?? I am … speechless. And as you can tell by now, that is not that easy to do! He knocked it out of the park people. Go see his “update” and take it for a drive. If you want to find out how to reach your… fill in the blank on local, state, city, school, yada yada… It’s there!! Super easy. And if you are not sure WHO your peeps are… it will TELL YOU. Not kidding… put your zip in and bam! They are ALL THERE. I am telling you this thing is a dream come true. OH oh oh… and you want to know what they are thinking about or working on or voting on… We use the resources of others and it is there. Speechless. Last but not least, if you want to know when to RUN FOR OFFICE OR VOTE OR RALLY…AND DO SOMETHING TO FIX THIS or when to throw your neighbor, sister-in law, friend under that bus and you need to see the maps on districts etc. … they are there. But those are still a bit… well ever changing and helpful, but not super easy. So if you know how best to fix that or can improve on anything Dave has built (yes that is a challenge) and you have the time, talent, ideas to help us continue taking our digital footprint up a notch… reach out. We love new friends with lots of good ideas and heart and energy and willing to help.

Now I'll shut up...for awhile.


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