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Do you need help with your internet bill in Alaska?

Boosting Alaskan Families: How the New Infrastructure Law Enhances Your Connectivity and Daily Life

Over 21,000 Alaskan households are already taking advantage of the Affordable Connectivity Program to reduce their internet costs. Find out if you're eligible for affordable internet plans at

Thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration's execution of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Alaska is witnessing a transformative era. A whopping $6.4 billion is flowing into the state, funding over 1,042 essential projects. This includes a significant $1 billion aimed at connecting every Alaskan to high-speed internet, a vital resource for working families and businesses. See more here.

On the infrastructure front, approximately $3.4 billion is being invested in enhancing transportation - roads, bridges, public transit, and more, crucial for daily life and work. Additionally, about $386 million is dedicated to improving clean water and water infrastructure, ensuring a healthier environment for all Alaskans.

This is more than just an upgrade; it's a commitment to the future of Alaska, focusing on both urban and rural communities, and especially supporting historically underserved populations. It's a step towards a more connected, prosperous, and sustainable Alaska for working families.

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