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Support Mat-Su Teachers, Tonight 5:45 pm

Join the Mat-Su Education Association and the Mat-Su Classified Employees Association at the School Board meeting tonight in Palmer at the MSBSD building (501 N. Gulkana Street) to support our teachers and educators in their contract negotiations with the School District.

Mat-Su educators' salaries have not kept up with inflation. Inflation can have a significant impact on the cost of living, making it difficult for individuals to maintain their current standard of living. Teachers and educators play a critical role in shaping the future of society by educating and nurturing the next generation. It is essential for educators to receive fair compensation that reflects the value of their work, especially during times of extraordinary inflation. By providing educators with salary raises, it not only helps them to keep up with the rising cost of living, but it also shows them that their contributions to society are recognized and appreciated. When teachers are compensated fairly, it helps to attract and retain talented educators, ultimately leading to better educational outcomes for students. It is crucial for the School District to prioritize and invest in the salaries of teachers.

The Mat-Su educators, who have been working for a year without a contract, are asking for raises of 5% retroactive to last year, 4% this year, and 4% next year. This doesn't even begin to match the rate of inflation over the past few years. The School District is offering 2-2-2% raises.

In the contract under negotiation, the School District is trying to switch the health care plan from one that the educators know and want to keep to another plan that may incur additional costs to teachers in the future. In a recent poll of the Mat-Su educators, 96% oppose switching from the current health care plan.

The contract is now in arbitration and if the educators and School District do not come to an agreement this month, then the educators may go without a contract for another year.

Actions you can take.

Show up at 5:45 at the School District building. we need you and your neighbor's family to show up at the board meeting on tonight. Don't leave the kids at home! Bring the whole family and call a community friend and ask them to bring their family.

Tell the School Board that you support the educators in their request for a fair pay raise, to reject the new health insurance plan, and to come to an agreement on the contract before May 10th. And Wear Red for Ed!

  • Testify at the next meeting of the School Board on Wednesday, May 3, 6 PM, at the MSBSD Central Office 501 N Gulkana St, Palmer. Here are the District Guidelines on How to Testify.

  • Contact the School Board by email or board members by phone.

  • Contact the Superintendent by email or by phone, 907-746-9255.

Also, be prepared to testify about the School District's new policy on books to ban. Read more...

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Mat-Su Democrats
Mat-Su Democrats
04 may 2023
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Lots of Red for Ed last night at the School Board meeting.

Me gusta
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